Future-oriented blocks layout plugin that empowers developers and end users released by COVERT NINE

The C9 Blocks plugin brings a layout manager to WordPress 5.3 and the new Twenty Twenty theme to reduce time costs for both developers and website managers.

CHICAGO, Nov. 11, 2019 — COVERT NINE, a Chicago-based marketing firm has released a WordPress Plugin that, according to creator, Tim Toomey, “fills the gap between Squarespace and WordPress.

The C9 Blocks plugin is a drag and drop responsive design system built to be managed by independent content publishers, designers, marketers, artists, and small businesses.

For Developers

Using the native WP Blocks API, C9 Blocks is designed for ongoing core development as well as the Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty default WordPress themes. The plugin is released alongside a base theme and admin plugin.

“If you’ve ever seen or used a base theme like Understrap, then you’ll already be familiar with how all of our development tools work. Most importantly, our base theme has a custom editor style so your clients are seeing the same site on the frontend and the backend, which makes managing content a breeze.”

The C9 theme includes:

  • A ’Client’ folder creates another template layer before child themes so you can override parts of the core parent theme without a child theme. (For users who want to use version control with the theme.)

    “Classes have been added so some of the more quirky parts of Gutenberg don’t interfere with our parent theme, but a site that needs e-commerce or a forum needs a lot more Frontend code and functionality so that can be added in both of those two places while maintaining the core theme integrity.”
  • Minimized and combined production files keep pages loading fast on all devices and internet connections.
  • NPM + Gulp integration for a modern development workflow
  • (Beta) WooCommerce and Gravity Forms support.

For Clients

“Small businesses that make up a significant number of the WordPress sites out there often can’t afford a team to support all the aspects of operating a website. So we tried to build in a good chunk of what an agency might offer to make it more affordable and manageable.”


Included with the plugin are responsive, pre-built section and page templates. Each are easily modified and can be saved for later use.

Clients with more advanced marketing can quickly A/B test landing pages.

New blocks have been introduced:

  • A CSS grid
  • Posts grid
  • Posts and page grid
  • Carousel
  • Call-to-action
  • Heading (with more formatting features)
  • Horizontal tabs
  • Vertical tabs
  • Toggles
  • Image carousel
  • Social share

Editing content for shifting timelines and details can be done by virtually anyone on the team in seconds.

The Admin plugin provides options for:

  • Admin bar visibility on the front-end
  • Disabling media attachment pages
  • Hiding developer-specific menu items (comments, WP Retina 2X)
  • Hiding plugin+theme notifications from non-admins
  • Custom admin theme with collapsible navigation (provides more editing space and a refined admin look)
  • Image size limits

For the WordPress Community

The C9 Blocks plugin is guided by the vision set forth by WordPress to make publishing more accessible and welcoming.

“Our goal in providing marketing services is to get our younger clients to “stage two.” Shifting to a WordPress site from a familiar site builder service can be a daunting experience. This Gutenberg blocks project decreases costs for development and clients—and, in theory, could redirect some of the budget to create better web designs. We want to give our clients the freedom that comes with WordPress.”


The C9 Blocks plugin will be released with an unlimited personal-use license, and a commercial license.

The plugin is in open beta until December 1, 2019 and welcomes feedback. Survey participants will receive a one-year commercial license. The base theme and admin plugin are free and will be available at WordPress.org.


COVERT NINE is a Chicago-based, digital marketing agency specializing in design, development, digital advertising, and content marketing. We’re more of a partner than a vendor. We only work with people and products we believe in. We understand budgeting constraints. We never outsource.


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Twitter: @timmyblog
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