& a thank you those of you who are still helping

We’d like to thank those of you who helped us make this possible, and provide additional reading should you need more resources.

Dearest Internet,

We’re not going to act like we’re the first ones who made a blocks plugin, starter theme, or simple admin tool available for others to use, learn from, and build upon. Given that, we’d like to thank those who spent the time and effort to share their work first before, that helped us in some way.

There was also a small team of people who worked very hard, through some extreme mental anguish, self-doubt, one keyboard, many rounds of beer, hard liquor, and several thousand git conflicts to get these plugins/theme in order so a big shout out to Mallory, Drew, Sam, Ka, John, and everyone who gave us feedback along the way.


A special thank you…

 To some of the other blocks plugins we learned from along the way