How to use Reusable Block Layouts

 Build websites quickly with saved, reusable block templates

When you’re developing a custom site from scratch using our theme + plugins, you’re bound to run into a time when you need to quickly create pages that use the same structure–and that’s why we’ve built a section into our modal for your saved templates.

Accessing Reusable Blocks

Reusable blocks are a core part of how the new Gutenberg editing system allows for saving a layout of blocks. If you create a C9 Grid and load it up with rows, columns, images, content, and videos, you may want to make use of that same layout on another page of the site–and that’s where Reusable Blocks come in.

There’s a tab in the modal for the C9 Blocks plugin to make it easier to access and view your reusable block templates.

From the edit screen, click on the feather logo icon in the upper right hand corner. Then click on the Reusable Blocks icon button and you’ll be taken right to the saved templates window.

Saving Block Layouts

Previewing Block Layouts

You may notice in the screen recording video above that there’s a preview area when hovering over icons. This is available if you have WordPress 5.3 or newer, and will not appear for older versions of WordPress

That said, if you have the Gutenberg plugin installed, or are using WordPress version 5.3+, you should see a preview of your blocks when you hover over them.